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All of our Single Origins are currently in season and ethically sourced

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  • nicaragua

    Colombia La Esperanza Natural – Filter Roast

    Intense pineapple and tropical fruits

  • screen-shot-2016-10-13-at-7-39-55-pm

    Honduras – Project 1-2-1

    Project 121 connects growers & roasters by linking the beginning and end of the supply chain. Growers receive BETTER prices for their coffee, Therefore improving quality & lifestyle.

    Tasting notes:

    Fresh Guava Fruits, Blackcurrant meets a Sweet Toffee Finish


    Pedro Romero

  • gitega

    Rwanda Remera Natural

    Notes of Raspberries, Strawberries and Sweet Milk Chocolate – A Stunning Naturally Processed Coffee

  • zambia3_4

    Zambia Mafinga Hills

    Mandarin, Orange & Honeysuckle